Constrained by God's love, 

inspired by God's Word,

supported by God’s people, 

we remember the poor. 

Believers Relief Trust (BRT) commenced its ministry on 1st May 1979.

It was initiated by the YMEF members who were enlightened and burdened by the Holy Spirit of God for the benefit of poor and needy brethren.  The Trust was formed when responsible brethren gathered at Kottayam and started functioning after receiving its registration under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies’ Registration Act XII in 1955.

The Need for BRT

BRT bridges the gap when local assemblies or churches are not able to support the poor and needy among them financially.

BRT bridges the gap when a donor is willing to give but unable to identify and help the genuinely needy.

BRT serves to demonstrate the love of God and His people in practical ways.

Thou shall surely give to thy poor brother (Deut. 15:10)

Distribute to the saints in need (Rom 12:13)

Remember the poor (Gal 2:10)

What BRT Does

We accept voluntary gifts from Christian believers of Brethren Assemblies for providing financial assistance to financially burdened believers in connection with the expenses of their medical treatment, the marriage of daughters, education of children, housing and its maintenance and livelihood of poor widows and financially hard-pressed and also occasionally assist beyond the borders of religion, those suffering due to natural calamities and pandemics, thus demonstrating the love of God in a practical way.

The Application Process

We consider applications:

The ministry of BRT is run purely by the prayers and freewill gifts of Brethren believers worldwide, from assemblies/churches, individuals, Christian institutions, and fellowships inspired by the Word of God.

Contact Us

Postal Address

Believers Relief Trust, P.O. Box 60, Kumbanad P.O., Kerala – 689 547

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Phone Number

+91 469 2999947 

WhatsApp Number

+91 91882 56000